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Die neue Qualitätsnorm IATF 16949 vereint existierende allgemeine Forderungen an Qualitätsmanagementsysteme der (meist nordamerikanischen und europäischen) Automobilindustrie. Rund 30 Prozent der mehr als 100 existierenden Autohersteller schließen sich diesen harmonisierten Forderungen der neun IATF (International Automotive Task Force)-Mitglieder (BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, PSA, Renault, VW) an. In einem mehrtägigen Transition-Audit durch Bureauveritas wurde die cetto Plastics entsprechend der neuen Vorgaben geprüft. Wir freuen uns sehr über den Erhalt des IATF-16949-Zertifikats. Es kann in der Rubrik „Unternehmen – Informationsmaterial“ downgeloaded werden.


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The new generation of the cetto Group is now complete. Together with his sister Alexandra Cetto, who entered the company in April 2015, Maximilian follows the father's footsteps and enriches the team of the cetto Group throug his technical knowledge. After receiving his Bachelor's degree in Plastics Engineering he reveived his Master's degree in Industrial Engineering in March 2018. From now on he is a member of our Project Management and brings the company further as Innovation Manager and connection to universities and higher educational institutions.


Null GranulatverlustOur environment is a valuable asset and we are all responsible for its protection. This is why we participate in the initiative called "Null Granulatverlust" which aims at minimizing the loss of plastics pellets to environment. All participasting companies develop an action plan for the prevention of granule losses and ensure the realization of the plan. 


Background is the pollution of the oceans due to plastics and other waste. Only a small part of the waste in the oceans are pellets. The majority are used items, for instance fishing nets, packaging or cigarette filters which were disposed of carelessly to the environment. Yet, it is important that the plastics industry sets an example and does anything in its range of influence.  


Therefore, we engage in this new initiative to do our bit and take over responsibility for our environment!

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As every year at Christmas time, the cetto team traditionally met at the "Stockhammer" restaurant for their Christmas party. During the official part, our long-time employees were honoured for their effort and loyalty. The official part was completed with an excellent buffet provided by the "Stockhammer" team. Afterwards, the magician Rudy Christl enchanted us with his tricks. The party was rounded by a tombola and drinks at the bar.


In October, the cetto team visited FAKUMA - one of the most important fairs for industrial plastics processing - and exhibitied our newest products and developments. As every year, visitors could find us in hall B4. This is the right place for you if you want to catch up on the latest trends in our branch. FAKUMA informs about the current developments and gives insights on actual and future trends. It is impressive each and every time.

PS: You will also find us at next year's FAKUMA! Same place, same time, same people. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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